Washington Street

Late afternoon arrives in downtown Washington Street

just as the people who slept in late and did nothing but

check emails and watch Netflix all morning are really

beginning to get pumped. Some throw on the standard

Cardinals shirt and slip out of their lofts on to the street

looking this way and that with guilty expressions at the

people who have been outside all day trying perhaps to

reinvent themselves or remain a part of the daily mural

as they go about their ways pointing at city maps to see

where they are even though they will be lost as soon as

they step off the avenue to buy lunch from the man selling

german bratwurst for two dollars a piece and their children

will take two steps before dropping their share and letting go

of their balloons which will of course opt for suicide at a couple

thousand feet and their remains will never be heard from again

and people will hear the children in mourning and deeply resolve

to never have any and so some unborn child will never see the city

and make the journey back to God that is set before us.

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