Cool story of my life in 2017.

Write it down. Share it. Remember it. That’s my first motive. Share my feelings, my current situation, my ongoing state of mind. Now, I thought about writing it in French, my mother tongue. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything ; I’m not even sure how to do this anymore. 
I’d rather do it in English eventually, the language I was always so fond of and the one I’m going to use a lot more in the future. 
It’s a good parallel for my life right now. A new start. Or THE start? I feel like I’ve learnt so much these past few months. I changed my way of seeing things, experiencing life. I’m trying to be a better version of me. And a good part of all of this thanks to him.

Big bang
First I met him. Then I met me. I’m Laura, 26, always been a funny/honest/crazy girl that loves to eat, that talks too much and too fast. I didn’t really know where I was going. I was merely enjoying the river flow, as Mowgli and Baloo singing the “Bare Necessities”. I had faith. Not religious faith, but faith that someday everything would become clear and obvious. All the choices I made, the decisions… Someday my life would begin.

It’s weird to say that, as of course, I lived before. I’m 26, the younger years are gone. Childhood is a memory. I’m way past the majority in USA. I’ve had time to study. I’ve had time to work in four different areas. I even thought my career as a vet nurse would be my last. I have friends all over France and even some in the world, many hobbies, a bit of a family. It’s pretty cool. I always kind of managed to do well ; I owned a dog, and then a cat. I played video games, went to work by foot. I tried to see my friends more and I was even involved in a game event association. I was not really saving any money, but that was acceptable cause I was still single anyway. Not anymore.

Art representing me as a fighting game character, made by a friend

The British
I think I was waiting for him all this time? When I think about it, I’m amazed by how much he’s the person I was looking for... So much, it’s as if I created him on The Sims, haha.
He’s my perfect. I don’t think that’s correct English to say but it’s what I mean. And he’s British. (Yes, so he did have a 7/10 already… But still!) Did I mention I was always fond of England and the English Language? Even more since I started watching Doctor Who and Sherlock… I studied English Literature, civilisation and language for 4 years at the university. Now I’m glad I did.

The wibbly-wobbly path of your life
All theses tiny things that happenened to me until now, all these things that made who I was then and build who I am now. I’m grateful and happy. One should never have regrets anyway. My opinion is, if you could do it again you’d do the same ; real Life is Not That Strange.
I somehow managed to put all these pieces together, and completed the puzzle that enabled my life to begin. Or should we call it chapter 2? 3?

I think I have changed a lot these past few months. I tried new stuff, got rid of old habits. But mostly I have real projects ; cravings, desires to plan and create goals. And I want to enjoy the ride.

So many projects !
Moving out. Moving out to England to settle with him is probably the biggest one. Could I ? Of course I can! I feel like nothing can stop me. Anyone who knows me a little will tell you this was written.
Career. I’ve been a vet nurse for the past 3 years, because to me, it was always either kids, or animals. (Sorry humans, you’re okay, but maybe not worth so much time from me.) I always wanted to be an English teacher, but at the time I wasn’t as hardworking and determined as I am today, and I didn’t know English well enough to teach it.
Now I actually have the opportunity to become a French teacher in England? Am I ready now? Probably not more than I was before,but I don’t care. Because it’s what I want to do. No, it’s not what I WANT to do. It’s what I AM GOING to do. No matter what it takes, no matter how long. This is my life career choice, and I’ll make it happen.
Family. Well, we’re just starting, so we’ll get back to this in a few years.
New family to meet, new friends to make and more people to discover. Keep the old ones and stay in touch of course. I hope I’ll handle it quite well.
Health and gym. This one has been going on for more than a year now. I once managed to lose some weight and become stronger, and I want to do this again. Eat healthy, do some gym and stretches. Respect and train your body cause it’s the only shell you have. (And I’d love to kick some ass too).

The rest is merely a glance at my wish list.
Paint. I’ve started painting watercolors like my Mum used to do ; I love being creative and wish to continue.
Run. I’ve always wanted to run and I’m lucky to live in a nice area with huge parks, so why not?
Enjoy the garden. When it’s not raining. *Moonface*
Travel as much as we can and share the world’s experiences with my loved one.
Go see all the Marvel movies at the cinema.
Continue to play video games with my French buddies.
Save for the big house.
Be involved in a charity.
Love him and treat him the best I can.
Watch Doctor Who on Saturday for ever.

Learn more and more every day. Become the best version of me I can be.
Tout le monde peut cuisiner !” “Anyone can cook!” as Gusteau said in Ratatouille. I’m really in this mood of “anything can happen if you work hard and consistently to get it”. I know it won’t be easy, I know there’ll be times of doubt, tears and sadness.

“But that’s OK: we’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”

This is one chapter of my life loading, and I can’t wait to press play.