An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

What you say is very true. For new users when installing the game for the first time, it is sufficient to just walk around and players will get the excitement when they random encounter a pokemon to catch.

As time pass by and players get up in level, most pokemons in the vincinity is already registered, then it is time to grind and chase those few left. With pokevision it was easier to know what area to go to, but now it all feels very random. Also with the tracker not only broken but more or less gone, me and those I talk to, feel like we are just wasting time. The pokemons we find is more random than ever. When it in addition to this, feels like pokemons are more rare in general, fewer poping up, many have put the game aside for “better days” (aka a working tracker or for pokevision to come up) and some have un-installed it.

What I hear, and feel myself too, is that I don’t want to randomly walk around hoping to catch that special pokemon. I want to go to somewhere — an event, a special pokemon, gym (even how ridiculus they are) or somewhere, and catch a few whilst going there. Now it is just a game that accidentally is on while I am walking, because the only fun left in the game, is hatching eggs…

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