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Really enjoyed this piece, Jason. Respectfully disagree about War Stories, though; I thought the narrative — full of grit, personality and camaraderie — carried the act of dishing out brutal carnage in the gameplay quite well, and it did so without what oftentimes tends to be too much context in historical games. I also thought the prologue alone did enough to explain the concept of WWI, as well as the additional DLC, which includes an entire mission devoted to the Harlem Hellfighters. (I’m also a huge fan of the BF series and think some of the bugs/glitches have been largely overblown in years past — really only BF4 had a game-breaking issue, albeit one that persisted far too long when it came to multiplayer.) I was massively surprised by the single player and how it represents the horrifying and gruesome details of WWI, as well as the (oftentimes sickening) celebration of the very acts being carried out. Hope to see more gaming pieces on the Ringer (and certainly happy/available to write some, too :D)

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