Outbound is probably the most underrated customer acquisition channel in B2B.

People love to hate it. Experts love to proclaim the death of cold calling. We all are bothered by bad cold emails pitching us things we don’t need.

But if you do outbound the right way, it could be the become your #1 competitive advantage.

No doubt about it though: Outbound sales is #$%(@ hard.

Which is why I cover everything you need to know to start winning with outbound sales in my latest blog post:

  • How to build the right team
  • How to create a buyer persona
  • How to do prospecting and outreach
  • Which tools to use to set your team up for…

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“I’ve heard bad things about your company” is a tough sales objection to overcome. Whether your prospect has read negative reviews or they heard something bad from a friend or colleague, it makes it significantly harder to sell to them.

But it can absolutely be done.

There are four situations you might find yourself in when a prospect thinks your company sucks. I cover them all in our latest article on the Close blog, “How to Overcome a Terrible Reputation and Make Sales”.

The first step is identify the source, and most importantly be sure you really understand what exactly they’re concerned about. …

A sales process is one of these things that everyone kind of knows they should have — and yet, I’m amazed how many sales teams operated without a documented sales process. (Or they do have a sales process that’s just a document in some folder that nobody ever looks at.)

But let me tell you this:

Having a solid sales process is incredibly important (and will make a major impact on your bottom line). You want a clearly documented sales process in your company, and it should be something that every member of your sales team is intimately familiar with.

But I totally get why so many sales people don’t have a sales process (or don’t care about it). Because there are too many misconceptions about what a sales process is, and what it should be, are floating around. …

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If you’re cold calling, you’ll hear this all the time: “Now is not a good time.”

And you do know that it’s a cop out.

We all know what it’s like to be called by a sales rep, interrupting you in the middle of the day.

But I’m assuming that you actually have something of value to offer, a product or service that will provide meaningful benefits to your buyers.

(If not, you should stop selling whatever crap you’re peddling right now and start selling something that DOES create a ton of value. …

What would a 457% increase in responses to your sales emails mean to you?

More revenue for your business? Better business opportunities? Bigger commission checks?

Increasing your response rates isn’t rocket science. That’s why I’m going to share a very simple method I call the 1, 2, 3 hack.

Here’s how to use it (and get 3 free email templates).

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So many sales people get this wrong. They either push back and alienate the prospect or they comply in an attempt to “build rapport”.

Neither of these approaches work.

Whenever a prospect asks you to send more information, you know that they’re just trying to get rid of you, without saying it outright. And they know that you know. And most people accept it, because that way they don’t have to face rejection and conflict. (Which is probably the #1 reason why most people will never succeed in sales.)

So if you call a prospect, tell him what this is about and what’s in it for them, and they tell you: “Send me more information”, here’s what you really want to do. (Click here to keep reading)

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A lot of SaaS companies don’t get sales. And when you don’t get sales, you miss out on a lot of money. Money that you could otherwise put to work to build an even better product.

Fortunately, sales isn’t rocket science. Here are 9 simple tips that can help you get more paying customers fast:

Keep your trials short

  1. Keep your trials short: Too many startups offer free trials for way too long. That’s bad for a several reasons. If a user knows that they have a very long time to check out the product, there’s no sense of urgency and they might decide to check your software out “sometime later this week”. Then life happens, they forget about it and “sometime later this week” turns into never. But the worst thing about long trials is that they really screw up your sales process. …

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Oftentimes, the bigger the deal the longer it takes to close it. When you’re selling to large organizations, you’ll find that they’re also very slow moving organizations. Selling to them can bring in a lot of revenue — but it can also cost a lot of time and eat up a lot of resources that you could otherwise deploy elsewhere.

This matters even more if you’re working on a startup where resources are always scarce, and long sales cycles could kill your entire business. …

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You’re young and you want to crush it. You’ve got big dreams and ambitions. YOU’VE GOT PLACES TO GO!

I get it.

But don’t allow your hustle & grind mode to grind you down.

It’s easy to get so caught up in that chase of making shit happen that you loose sight of the bigger picture.

I see it happen all the time.

I’ve been lost in the land of busywork myself for way too long.

At the end of the week, ask yourself:

How busy have I been / how much have I worked…

… and …

How much have I accomplished?

Look at this.

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If you’re week has been super busy, but you haven’t accomplished much, then it would look like…

Most sales people are too one-dimensional.

They learn closing techniques. They learn when to use open and closed questions. They learn how to qualify and manage objections.

They study the flavor of the month sales methodology: Solution selling! Challenger sales! Conversational selling! Consultative selling! SPIN selling! SNAP selling!

But the greatest sales people are capable of so much more.

The greatest dealmakers are capable of navigating the sales process on multiple dimensions. Like time.

Click here to learn more about the time travel sales technique.

Steli Efti

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