3 metrics any sales team MUST track

If you’re an experienced sales manager and already track sales metrics in a meaningful and consistent way… stop reading. This post is not for you :)

But if you’re a junior sales manager, or a founder leading a sales team, and you’ve don’t feel like you’re using sales data in a way that really helps your sales team to perform better, then by all means keep reading.

Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the complexity of the task. Maybe you’re just too busy to tackle this now.


I’ll share with you a very simple system that’ll help you to stay on top of the numbers. You’ll always be able to know what’s going on, and what area to focus on to create bigger results.

Now I’m not an analytical guy. I’m not a data person.

My natural inclination is to operate on gut feeling. I’m a natural born sales person. I trust my instincts.

But I religiously track the numbers of my sales team. And so should you.

I’m also a big fan of keeping things simply. Because simplicity creates focus.

The three metrics I track are:

A: Activity

Q: Quality

C: Conversion

Now let’s look at what this means and how to do this for your sales team. Click here to read more…