B2B startups, don’t fall into the “our customers are happy” trap

When you’re building traction for your startup, and you’ve got a couple of customers and get positive feedback and encouragement from them, it’s tempting to believe you’re set on the path to success.

Just pump up the volume. Get MORE leads into the funnel.

But there’s an important distinction many startup founders miss, and it’ll cost them dearly a couple of months later:

They don’t distinguish between happy and successful customers.

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Happy customer: Someone who tells you how happy they are, how much they like you, your company, your product, your service, your vision …

Successful customer: Someone that can do math in a spreadsheet and show that the amount of money they pay you for your product or service is a lot smaller than the amount of money they get (or save) from using your product or service.

Growing your startup on happy customers is a very dangerous and almost always unsustainable strategy. Yet, so many startups are doing it. Click here to read how to find out which category you’re in, and what to do about it.