“Buyers are F*CKING LIARS!”

I get why a lot of sales people think this way. When you try to sell to people, prospects will sometimes tell you one thing … and then do something completely different.

It can be frustrating. You’re being honest and upfront with them, you’ve got their best interest in mind, and what do you get in return?


Your buyer tells you: “Oh, your product is too expensive, that’s not in our budget, we can’t afford it.”

And when you check in with them four days later, they inform you that they’ve just bought from another (much higher-priced) vendor.


The prospect tells you they NEED feature X, and they can’t possible buy when you don’t offer feature X …

… and then they buy another product that doesn’t have feature X either.


They tell you they need a little bit more time, and that they won’t make any purchasing decision now, and ask you to check in again next quarter …

… and when you check in next quarter, they tell you: “Oh, thanks, but we’ve already moved ahead with competitor X, and we’re already up and running with their system since two months.”



Well… that’s one way of looking at it. That’s how unsuccessful sales people look at it. Successful sales people on the other hand look at it differently. Click here to learn more!

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