How to handle the “I’ve heard bad things about your company”​ objection

Steli Efti
Jun 11, 2019 · 1 min read

“I’ve heard bad things about your company” is a tough sales objection to overcome. Whether your prospect has read negative reviews or they heard something bad from a friend or colleague, it makes it significantly harder to sell to them.

But it can absolutely be done.

There are four situations you might find yourself in when a prospect thinks your company sucks. I cover them all in our latest article on the Close blog, “How to Overcome a Terrible Reputation and Make Sales”.

The first step is identify the source, and most importantly be sure you really understand what exactly they’re concerned about.

Then you categorize their concern into one of these:

  1. The information was correct, but it’s outdated
  2. The information is partially true
  3. The information is wrong
  4. The information is right

Depending upon which category the prospect’s concern falls into, you proceed with the next step in moving the sales conversation forward (potentially all the way to the close).

Read more about it in my latest post on the Close blog or watch the video where I walk you through these four scenarios and how to handle them.