Sales CRM case study: How a 104-year-old B2B business boosted sales by up to 50% with

Nod if any of the following is true:

  • Your reps waste time manually entering every call or email.
  • You can’t easily track your reps’ performance or activity.
  • Going through the data to find out more about your sales process or pipeline is like pulling out a tooth — without anesthesia.

You’re not alone.

Monroe Systems for Business, a 104-year old company that supplies commercial calculators, has managed to stay relevant in the 21st century but their sales process hadn’t.

When Jason Marsdale joined Monroe Systems as a Senior Sales and Marketing Manager and realized there was little control over or visibility into the sales process, he knew it was time for a change.

When Monroe Systems switched to, the results were incredible. The time sales reps spent prospecting dropped by over 33%. Less time spent prospecting meant each rep saved nearly $60,000 a year. And even better, at least according to Jason, is the increased visibility over the sales pipeline.

“The sales reps can see exactly where they’re at at all times, and they always know what to do next in order to drive additional sales.”

One of their reps even saw a 50% increase in his personal sales within the first month of moving over to, other reps were up 10–20% over the same time period.

To find out how Monroe Systems was able to do what every business dreams of — reduce costs while improving productivity and revenue — just by switching to, continue reading here.