The 1-hour sales process

Steli Efti
Mar 15, 2018 · 1 min read

A sales process is one of these things that everyone kind of knows they should have — and yet, I’m amazed how many sales teams operated without a documented sales process. (Or they do have a sales process that’s just a document in some folder that nobody ever looks at.)

But let me tell you this:

Having a solid sales process is incredibly important (and will make a major impact on your bottom line). You want a clearly documented sales process in your company, and it should be something that every member of your sales team is intimately familiar with.

But I totally get why so many sales people don’t have a sales process (or don’t care about it). Because there are too many misconceptions about what a sales process is, and what it should be, are floating around. Oftentimes when I do look at some company’s sales process, what I see makes me want to look away and wish I could un-see what I just looked at: overcomplicated, too rigid, too long.

The truth is, the best sales processes are SIMPLE. Simple and effective, because they focus on the few things in the sales process that really matter.

And you can design your first sales process in just one hour. Check out my latest blog post where I share how to create a winning sales process in three simple steps.

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