You call and prospect and they ask you to “send me more information”. What do you do next?

Steli Efti
Nov 11, 2016 · 1 min read

So many sales people get this wrong. They either push back and alienate the prospect or they comply in an attempt to “build rapport”.

Neither of these approaches work.

Whenever a prospect asks you to send more information, you know that they’re just trying to get rid of you, without saying it outright. And they know that you know. And most people accept it, because that way they don’t have to face rejection and conflict. (Which is probably the #1 reason why most people will never succeed in sales.)

So if you call a prospect, tell him what this is about and what’s in it for them, and they tell you: “Send me more information”, here’s what you really want to do. (Click here to keep reading)

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