You work in sales? Embrace the “no”!

Sales rookies always aim for a “yes”. They want the prospect to buy. They want to hear the prospect tell them “yes”.

But if you want to have a successful career in sales, you need to first embrace the “no”.

Because it’s what you’ll deal with every single day.

“No, I’m not interested.”

“No, I don’t have time.”

“No, this isn’t something we need.”

“No, I don’t want to speak with you.”

All of these “no’s” can easily be managed. These are almost the default responses of prospects who just put up defenses when they feel someone is trying to sell them.

With a bit of practice and training, you’ll easily be able to navigate them.

But then there are heavyweight “no’s”. The “no” that you get from a prospect after you’ve already qualified them, learned about the wants and needs, had lengthy sales conversations, told them how your solution could be of value to them and help them achieve their goals…

These “no’s” later in the sales process need to be treated differently.

And then there are no “no’s”. The “no’s” that actually put an end to all of this. The “no’s” that turn an opportunity from “potential” to “lost”.

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