Get Green This Winter — Artificial Indoor Plants For Your Home!

Don’t let the winter blues get to you! Bring nature indoors with stunning faux indoor plants to make your home warm and welcoming. While artificial plants may sound strange to you, some designers swear by it.


Erica Reitman, an interior designer from LA says in Designer Confession: I Use Faux Plants and Here’s Why, “I love faux plants, I use faux plants and I give you full permission to use them, too.[1]

Using faux plants is not only a low maintenance way to add a warm feel to your home but also adds beauty to it. Especially during winters, when the atmosphere is dull, some green color and plants can give a cozy and lively feel to your home. Here’s how to use faux plants in your home to bring out a fresh feel:

1. Decorate these plants in places with light

While it’s obvious for you that faux plants really don’t need much light, but your guests don’t. Place your artificial green plants around areas that get plenty of natural light. This means around your sunroom or conservatory, or even on the windowsill.

2. Add some greens to your living room

A living room is one of the most happening areas of any house. When you get home after a hectic day at work, or want to relax and catchup with your family at day end, that’s the place to be. Adding a burst of green artificial indoor plants can help you relax and unwind. Plants and nature are soothing for the eyes and the perfect de-stressing therapy. Also, they make the space look more lively and beautiful.

3. Make a Cozy green corner

The green color uplifts mood, de-stresses and is refreshing too. If you don’t have large open spaces for faux plants, you can always dedicate a corner in your room for the fresh greens. Use a small wooden raised shelf in the corner of your room. Place small pots and plants to create a small green station in your room. For larger rooms, you can dedicate one corner of section of the room for plants and add a coffee table and chair on the side where you can read a book or just relax with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee.

4. Hanging flowerbeds

Hanging flowerbeds or flower baskets are a great way to add green and a burst of color into your home. These baskets are great for small homes as they don’t steal the roominess of small areas. In fact, they make the area look spacious, lively and warm — which is a great thing to make you feel cheery when everything outdoors is covered in the blanket of snow.

Artificial indoor plants not only add beauty to your home but are low maintenance too. For homeowners who’re super busy with chores and hardly get time to water their plants, faux plants are a great investment. Just make sure you clean them with a damp cloth every two weeks or so. You don’t want your plants to look dusty and give a poor impression to the guests. Dust can be a big giveaway — so keep them clean and shining bright. Not too much work!

How do you think you can make your home warm and welcoming with plants during winter? Share your ideas in the comments below.