Humorous are you?

Certain days back one of the fellows in twitter described a life without satire. Is satire the only possible way to make someone go lol or rofl? It always takes a tina tbh or pakalu papito to relate how squandered our life is and how more wasted it can get.

The point?

Well, in a verbatim expression, consider us all hanging by a thread. And unlike the spider silk, this thread is a lot more fragile, that can snap off too quick. Trust me, the snap is all because of the lack of confidence in yourself and not that ‘this year, all I was able to achieve was fatness and pig’s workstation.’

Weren’t we talking about humour?

Yes. And that brings us to satire aka sheer mockery. Again, a few days back someone had tweeted that satire is an interesting and an effective way to educate someone (if you too believe so, terribly curious to know why).

Whether it is Richard Sheridan with his School for Scandal or George Orwell and his Animal Farm, humour from the ancient times have always been expressed through else’s tragedy. But that’s what the Bard of Avon had worked upon. He believed that humour needn’t always be fetched through mockery, but can just sideline to light and mirthful tenor with a certain happy ending through marriage or betrothal. And thus the First Folio was published with the Twelfth Night and Merchant of Venice as Comedy Plays.

Not getting your point still..


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