Top 5 Must Have Characteristics of an Online Examination System for PHP Exams

The unmistakable benefits of an online examination system for PHP exams stress enough towards its importance currently. These systems can be utilized by business institutions, schools and recruitment agencies to conduct exams in a never before way. All the complications pertaining to undertaking exam sessions are simply eased by these systems.

However, to choose an online examination system, you must be aware of some important characteristics it should have, so that it suits the purpose in the correct manner. Let’s have a closer look on those traits.

5 Must Have Characteristics of an Online Examination System for PHP Exams

1. One Time Investment

Many of the providers of online examination systems offer their modules at subscriptions that require the customer to pay intermittently. Contrary to this, you should look for a provider that offers online examination modules after making a onetime investment.

2. Easy To Install

An online examination system is only useful until it is very easy to install and operate. It should never pose any operational complications to the user and should not be comprised of a complex user-interface. The time frame of the installation of an online examination system should also be very short and should be capable of implementing almost quickly.

3. Highly Customizable

An online examination system should be highly customizable from the user standpoint not the other way around. The module must allow the user to make modifications as per the prerequisites of the examination. The customization process also should be relatively easy and shouldn’t present many complications before the user.

4. Integrated CMS

CMS integration is a crucial aspect of an online examination system. The module should allow you to manage slides, logos, and other aspects of the examination. It should feature and integrated CMS system so that you are able to undertake alterations with the examination content.

5. Detailed Results and Analysis

Result and performance analysis justifies the intention behind conducting examinations. Online examination systems should be capable of generating statistics pertaining to results and performance parameters of students. It should provide detailed results in a concise manner and elaborate statistics that reflect the exact performance quotient of the candidate.

You can think of above mentioned set of characteristics as a measuring barometer to make a selection on the right online examination system for PHP exams. It is therefore, recommended to go through these tips before you make a selection.

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