Day 6; If I Could Have Three Wishes

My first wish would be an hour glass

Day 6; A genie grants you three tiny wishes. What are they?

My first wish would be an hour glass. A constant reminder of the passage of time. The physical manifestation of a brief existence that runs out faster than you know it. It’s crazy how much time slips by when we’re busy doing nothing. An hourglass will be like a ticking clock in my ear. But this time I can’t tune it out since it taunts my eyes. Those of us predisposed to always being late need this. An everyday symbol of my imminent death ought to scare the procrastination out of me.

The second wish would be a VPN subscription. Yes, really. Blame geography for making me miss out on awesome products. Africa still gets the last thought when it comes to expansion for many startups. All I want is Spotify. The playlists are out of this world. Music is the closest you can get to touching magic and I need a constant hefty dose of stimuli. Inspiration is like the illusive love child who stays in hiding when needed and occasionally crops up unexpectedly just to stir the waters. Inspiration on call would be a dream come true for any creative.

My third wish is wine. A casket of wine. Dry red wine. With this I am unabashedly self indulgent. Every human has her vice. Mine is wine. Not quite a vice as it is a friend. We don’t have a bad history.Not that I know of. Plus we have an agreement. I only partake it when my senses are tip top. Never when stressed or angry lest I turn into a rabid human. We all have the capacity of madness. Just one thing is needed to tip the scale. I have no interest of getting there for once the scale is tipped and you’re exposed to the intensity of rage, there’s no turning back. Like a sweet poison injected into your body that slowly inches it’s way to your heart.

My genie would have the easiest day ever. Maybe I should ask for an inbuilt lie detector inside me. Or mind reading. Plus the ability to shoot lasers out of my eyes. I should have thought of this earlier and it would have changed the trajectory of this boring wishlist. I’m I prematurely elderly mentally? Then again, genie’s need their time off too. Mine already leased his house and is off to hitchhike to any place the road takes him. For a month. I wish I had the courage to do that. Serial killers spoil all the fun in everything.

Originally published at on November 29, 2015.