The Life Changing Magic of Moving

A car will never go anywhere if you don’t start the engine and step on the peddle

On your marks, get set, move. Not in any particular direction, not to any particular destination but just move. Follow your closest instinct. At least until you get over the comfort of inertia, then you can begin to steer your movement in the direction of your dreams.

I have been reading the book “Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill” and I have to admit something. I initially thought that it was one of the myriad of self help books that regurgitate the same advice you hear over and over. But waiting for someone on a lazy Saturday afternoon, in the middle of the busy Nairobi streets has a way of luring you to the nearest street book vendor. After perusing a couple of titles and severally overlooking Napoleon Hill’s book, I decided to flip through it anyway. I have time don’t I? My money and I parted soon after that. Know the cliche saying that when the student is ready the master appears? My time had come.

1. Life moves at the speed of action

Connectivity Art Exhibition at Alliance Francaise Nairobi

We are living a daily fallacy. Getting life’s worth and validation from the idle typing of strangers across the seas. The internet generation that is convinced that life moves at the speed of thought. Better yet, at the speed of our fingers. When hashtags cause sleepless nights replying to strangers who might just be bored and enjoy the attention. While I, on the other hand, swell with indignation and tweet at 10 expletives per minute.

Get off the internet ever so often and have conversations where you can read each other’s facial expressions. Facades fall off and true intentions are always betrayed. When you move, your whole life starts light up.

2. Act at the speed of thought

Thoughts are things. Things that make or break you. Potentially. They hold the sweet sauce of life. The more you use your thoughts, the faster they appear and the sharper they become.

Connectivity Art Exhibition at Alliance Francaise

3. Respect your ideas

When your subconscious whispers a plan to you, you better sit up and write it down. The subconscious mind holds the master plan to your life and it impresses upon you, plans that you can achieve. No matter how big and far removed they may seem. When did average and conventional become the standard? The world was never changed by a marginally content person doing the bare minimum and cruising by. Passion makes life worthwhile.

Couch potato installation at the connectivity art exhibition at Alliance Francaise Nairobi.

4. Embrace solitude as sacred

Ever wondered why all the self help gurus and religions hint towards the need for alone time to meditate and reflect? Because it is sacred. You get to meet with yourself and learn to face everything head on. All the thoughts that scare you, all the demons you refuse to acknowledge. They stare you in the face and after you get accustomed to it, they no longer scare you. Their hold on you lessens and eventually fades away. Never will you conquer that which you don’t face.

This frame of mind will free you. Free you from fear, from worry, from inertia and you will have the confidence to dive head on into life, into love and into your purpose. You’ll find your true north. Isn’t that the point anyway?

Photography installation by Jebet at the Art Space Nairobi
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free… ~John 8:32~