3 Hi-Tech Gifts for Your Pet in This Holiday Season

Wondering what to get your four-legged child for this holiday season? These high-tech items will make your gift extra-special.

Petzi Treat Cam

The super smart little gadget is a cool combination of an HD webcam, speaker, microphone, and treat-tosser. It allows you to see, speak, snap and treat your pet when you are away from home. The $170 Petzi Treat Cam is your opportunity to say hello to your cats while at work or traveling and watch the excitement on your pet’s face when you pop in.

The added bonus of rewarding them with food for at least acknowledging my virtual presence. Tt also holds and shoots out pet treats, which you can also control via its accompanying app on your smartphone.

Courtesy — Engadget

3D Printed Cat Armor

One of the best gift cat owners can buy their pet is this suit of armor. The armor consists of 18 pieces that are completely flexible and designed specifically to fit a cat’s body. Additionally, the design is complete with a hole for a leash and a ring for a name tag on the front.

The file s for the 3D printable armor are available to download on Thingiverse, so, if you have a 3D printer, you can create a suit of spiked armor for your warrior kitty. And if you don’t own a 3D printer you submit ideas on PrintThatThing for a design and the winning submission will have their design modeled and, more importantly, will receive a complete set of the 3D printed cat armor.


Imagine how cool would it be if you could track your dog’s daily activity. FitBark is here to turn your wish into reality. You are going to be blown away by all the cool features in this new high-tech device. FitBark monitors your dog’s everyday activity and sleep and turns it into BarkPoints, so you can track progress.

It’s a new way to keep your dog (as well as you!) healthy, explain changes in behavior, make better decisions with your vet, and share memorable moments with friends & family. Fitbark offers several options for purchasing their dog activity monitors. All include no monthly fees, free shipping, free iOS and Android apps, a 30-day return policy and 1-year limited warranty — Activity Monitor at $99.9 and Wi-Fi Base Station at $79.95.

If you have a friend who loves his pet as much as some people love their children, these gifts are sure to delight you and your pet-loving friends, not to mention bringing a little joy into the lives of the favorite pet.

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