5 daily habits that have changed my life

We’ve heard it many times. Appreciate the moment. Or “life is about the journey not the destination.” I have heard it. I have reminded myself of it. But somehow I still have this need to rush in order to get to the goal and move on to the next. But by doing so the quality suffers and the moment is gone.

There have been moments through out my life that the above statement has never been more true.

One such moment was when I received the draft of my master degree thesis back. To be honest with you, I forgot what my whole thesis was about because it had been such a long time in between. I started to madly rip through the pages to find the comments and then started revising based solely on the handwritten red ink scrawled throughout my paper. My advisor suggested that I include more background information, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the research I read last month!

As I was starting to have a panic attack in the bowels of the public library, I had this epiphany. I needed to go back to the basics. So I decided to slow down and revisit the research that I had read previously to reacquaint myself with my topic and theory. Thank goodness I did that because it made my revision work actually enjoyable.

I want my thesis to be authentic, and have integrity. To allow that to happen I need to appreciate the experience of writing my proposal, rather than rushing through it.

In order to enjoy the journey we must pause and appreciate the small steps that get us to where we want to be. This also means that in order to change our direction it takes small steps that get us to our new destination.

Our lives are made up of small habits. According to James Clear, “your life is essentially the sum of your habits.”

What we do everyday shapes who we are and where we are. We tend to focus on these ah-ha moments but that is not the norm.

Think about your life now. What small habits have laid the ground work of your life?

I am going to tell you 5 of my habits that I believe are key to my success.

  1. I wake up early! Research has shown that waking up with the birds gets you ahead of the game — allowing you time to gather your thoughts and wake up slowly.
  2. I eat breakfast right when I get up. After that, and my cup of coffee, I am ready to go.
  3. I workout in the morning — that allows me to sweat out the toxins and gets the blood pumping!
  4. I read in the morning — luckily, or unluckily, I have a long commute on the train in the morning. That commute allows me time to listen to a podcast or read a book. This gets my mind going in the right direction.
  5. I call my mom. I think that talking to someone in the morning, even if it is a few minutes, having a positive voice at the beginning of the day sets you up for success!


6. I pull my lunch together — please note that I said, “pull my lunch together.” This is because I have all the items pre-cut or cooked so I can just throw it all in a Tupperware container and go!

Tell me some of your habits that have led you to your success!

Peace and Love,