Humorless people

Or: C’mon!

So I was in this bar talking to this girl. She was very pretty and I was really into her. We were talking here and there about all sorts of subjects when she asked if I had ever had Korean food. I said no. So she decided to explain to me this plate she had in the restaurant.

The get the octopus, tiny one, cut its tentacles off, clean it up and put on a bowl of spicy soup like thing. And people eat that.

So I heard that and I said, “Octopuses have neural tissue on their tentacles. That’s how they can move them individually. They have brains is in the, still alive and kicking, tentacles. All the way down to your stomach.”

And she was like, “Meh, still enjoyed. Wouldn’t you like to try it?”

“Hmm, maybe. Part of me would eat just about anything digestible. That part being my stomach. But the other would rather eat dick. That’s my brain.”

With a really straight face, she said, “Oh. I didn’t know you are gay.”, she patted me on the shoulder, “Good for you.”

Fucking bitch left me hanging. What the fuck? It was just a joke! C’mon!