Dakota’s Badlands

The mindless poetic mindfulness when wolves are waving you down for a kiss. The head sits still while you run towards the smoky mountains sloppy cliffs. I have seen many things in Tennessee from arrested development to lack of clemency. Plainly west of Asheville, N.C. where God used Jose Clemente to plant a seed inversely leaning between a hickory and stadium seat. Back then they were dressed in disco sheets. Ages before my mother peaked and my father preached in particularly how fear lures us closer to the Devils’ teeth. Whenever the k9 are attached to your forearm push it even deeper instead of tugging. The tug of war only harms your calling. From Collins to California causing the sun to be overwhelmed by darkling. The demons darling draws in decorating Dakota’s badlands with pipelines. Crossing the borders through the skin of the forgotten man.

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