Magic City and a Tear Drop

Magic city and a tear drop 
Fingers on the trigger 
Every time I pop
feel the electric shock 
As The smoke settles 
So will the feeling of withdrawals 
Uncut are the days of being raw 
Outlawed by my own city walls
Liberty city and Wynwood walls 
How come they won’t spray paint the image of 27th Ave
The Brown paper bags and swap shops 
Sunrise also come up on our block 
Broward schools of hard knocks 
All the way to the beach boys flip flops 
As my language flip flops they try to eavesdrop 
Molly-wop the cop until his cheeks throb 
Parallel with a house on the hill top 
Honestly, both of those are unnecessary 
But it’s still part of our blood like capillary 
Clean Veins and vices, serenading in my vocabulary