My Stream & Everything Associated | How It Was Done

One of the most common questions in the Twitch Community is “How did you do X?”. One of the ways streamers answer these constant questions is a short, yet ultimately incomplete, FAQ section in their Stream Channel Tiles area. I’ve began reworking everything for my channel, so I figured I’d document everything and edit this story as I change things. Hopefully this can help some, and I will surely link to here from my channel!

  • MY NAME (Stennos) is actually from my geeky love for the Stargate Franchise. Stennos, or PG7–782, is a planet which had very little to do in the series. I liked the name and it worked great so I went with it.
  • ACCOUNTS were the next thing to tackle. I secured them in this order-ish: Gmail, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Hitbox (Made the account just to hold the name), Medium, Discord etc. etc.
  • MY SPRITE or picture I had custom made from an artist on who is now no longer on there. I do plan to change this in the future when I have an artist do my entire cross-platform branding.
  • BACKGROUNDS on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter were all done by me. I dabble a little in graphic design and that is my primary income at the present time. These will change when I get an artist as well.
  • BROADCASTING SOFTWARE that I use currently is XSplit. Yes I did start out with OBS and it is very customizable, however for a beginner such as myself and someone who has memory issues, again like myself, I think XSplit is a great start. I do pay for this, though it works for me. I may change to OBS in the future as I gain experience, we will have to see though.
  • OVERLAYS were done by me, and I’m now migrating over to for everything. I would like to use for donations and such, which I think will work the best for my overall plan, though I think this will require me to use a third site for notifications to come up on stream. I would just like to stay away from PayPal and their chargeback issues. I’ll keep you updated on what I go with here.
  • MY PC has been a labor of love. I love my PC very much and it currently serves as my casting/gaming rig as well as my primary PC for graphic design. I spent roughly $4,000 USD on it, though it was well worth it. I had a friend of mine help me pick the parts, then I built it myself and had another friend verify everything was connected correctly before I turned it on. I still have a few things I need to get for the Studio Setup as a whole (better lighting etc.) though what I have now is near what anyone at N3RDFUSION has. Yes I do run on 3 monitors, and when I add an additional graphics card I will go to 6 monitors, because I need to see all the tings!
  • WEBSITE is still in the works. Yes I have something up, though it’s junk. I did web design as a hobby for a few years and I made good money off it, though I’m way too rusty to do anything worthwhile now. I’ll have a new website using the template shortly. I will also have an additional website for the GOV, though that will come when it’s time.
  • COMMUNITY is key to success on Twitch. I have a very specific plan for this. I don’t want to spoil anything or create false hope due to scrapped plans so I’ll leave this section vague for now. Great things to come I hope.
  • SOUNDS will likely be purchased or personally created for alerts etc.
  • MUSIC will be exclusively through Monstercat License because I enjoy it and it’s simple, which is important.

That should cover everything, at least what I can currently think of. I will return and edit this post as things progress. I hope to eventually create a small community around my show plan. I think there will be a good portion of people who will really enjoy it. I know I haven’t seen anything similar, so there is a good chance it will be received well.

Until later,

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