TO Parents Against GAY ADOPTION

Dear Parents Against Gay Adoption:

What will happen to your child if you and your partner died? You may say they'll go to next of kin who´ll take care of them and what if that doesn't work out? Next step friends, nope no can do they say? The very next step your child will go into orphanage or foster care. Out of all the children to get adopted into a family is low chances. Even lower if we prevent gay couples from adopting children.

Don´t you want your child to grow up in a family, whether or not the couple is a heterosexual or homosexual couple? Having your child grow up in a orphanage would be detrimental for your child. No adult figure to help them from right to wrong, no love given to your child. Your child will be alone in the world. Having gay couples adopt children will give your child that will guided and given unconditional love from the parents.

So if you don´t want your child to be alone, support and allow gay adoption! Your child will be raised by parents who are even more empathetic, open-minded, and ready to be parents. Same sex couples would treat and raise your child as their very own, as if they came from their bodies. You and your partner would be able to sleep at night to know if something happened to the both of you, your child will be in good hands. That allowing gay adoption will raise the percentage of children being adopted and your child will not be left all by themselves. That they will grow up with a family that loves them as much as you two did.

¨May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” Nelson Mandela

Support and allow gay adoption! So your choice will reflect your hopes of your child being raised in a loving family!