You´ve Got Mail!

Dear Future Students of Hybrid 214:

Professor Shannon is a great teacher! His class activities make you remember the lesson and get to know your classmates in a relaxed and fun setting. He also has everyone in groups for the rest of the semester, it helps you get to know your classmates, which helps so if you ever need to ask what you missed in class or if you want someone to review your drafts you have a group network of support.

Some Advice:

You should plan to manage your time when given blog assignments. Start the writing early. Even if it´s just a very rough draft, write a simple draft. It´ll help get your mind to start focusing :)

If you are taking the summer class make sure you are able to manage your time even better. You only have about week to do the blog assignments which can range from one assignment or three assignments due in one week.

When choosing a topic for the whole semester, make sure it is a topic that you are really interested in and can research and write about in depth. Other than that just relax, have fun and enjoy the class. This class is worth the 3 months of school and you´ll definitely learn a lot from the class, I definitely did!


The Girl who learned a lot!

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