6 Best Reasons to Automate Your Twitter

A big part of what I believe in and the work I do for clients is about finding new ways to automate their social media to free up their time to engage authentically with ideal clients, influencers, and leads.

I stand behind this.

But I have to admit when I’m deep into my work, my personal social media becomes a “do as I say not as I do” scenario.

That’s that prompted me to write about the benefits of automation. I had a stretch of weeks recently where my young daughters were adjusting to the transition back to school — Grade 3 and Pre-K. I decided to take on an amazing project just before the school year began, and it evolved in an unpredictable way that required a lot more detail work than I expected.

All of that plus my regular clients, and a podcast to maintain meant little to no time for my social media. Honestly, I was grateful for the automation I had in place that kept my accounts fresh and active.

Yes, the interaction between myself and followers was pretty much nil, but I think that’s unavoidable in this business when you get crazy busy unless you have someone managing your accounts and tweeting or engaging on your behalf. I’d rather be less engaged than have someone speak for me since this is the business I’m in.

1) Cover Yourself

Based on all of the above I think it’s clear that the greatest benefits of automation are that it can be a huge time saver and it can help bridge the gap when time is tight.

2) Keep Your Timeline Active by Using Your Smart Phone

When you have an automated tool like Buffer to help you keep your content fresh you can use the little openings in your schedule to “top off” Buffer’s queue.

You’re standing in line at the grocery store, waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting for a child to get off the bus or end a lesson/practice. Getting your car inspected, going through the carwash. Okay, I’d rather be present IN the carwash myself because, heck, that’s fun! But you get my point.

Where ever you have a 3-minute block you can follow another person’s post and retweet it or Buffer it to go out at one of your optimized times.

3) Automation Can Take Advantage of Patterns and Send Content at Optimal Times

As I mentioned with Buffer, you can create a schedule based on the patterns Buffer sees in your content engagement. So Buffer may decide the best times for you to post to Facebook are 8:15 am, 1:18 pm, 3:20 pm and 8:50 pm. This means you can click the “add to queue” button, and Buffer will send out the content you’ve selected at the next interval in the schedule where nothing else is scheduled. In other words, the open time *after* your other buffered content has gone out.

This approach is brilliant because we can get carried away sometimes and like and retweet content on Twitter in quick succession rather than Buffering a few of the tweets that look interesting, so they’re spaced and sent out at strategic times. Twitter moves incredibly fast and it’s just not worth it to send a bunch of your tweets at roughly the same time unless you’re having a back and forth conversation. Which, for the record, I STRONGLY encourage.

4) Where to find great content easily to populate your Buffer.

Look to your followers i.e. your feed! Show the love by liking, sharing, retweeting, and commenting. Your followers appreciate this, and you show you would be followers that you know how to share the spotlight and highlight relevant content that’s not yours.

Also, check out the following tools for the iPhone that make it easy to find and curate great content to share.

Nuzzel for Twitter — you can search for content by hashtag, keywords, influencer feeds, and more. Plus, you can save favorites to go back to again and again. I love this tool; it’s so handy!

Feedly — this one is similar to Nuzzel but based on RSS feeds.

5) Plan out your content strategically to coincide with events and holidays.

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • The Election
  • Your launch
  • Special deals and themes

6) Connect with Influencers During Your Downtime and Schedule for a Prime Time

It’s 10:20 pm and you just read an article about something related to your business. You can’t wait to comment on it and share it with your followers. But it’s late at night, and few of the people in your part of the country will see the tweet. Twitter moves FAST. If people aren’t up and paying attention, it may be missed. And an otherwise highly engaging tweet may be wasted.

What to do? Find the name of the author, paste it into the tweet along with the title and schedule the tweet for your audience’s best response time and the influencer is more likely to notice your tweet. This works! More on this in another post.

Twitter and Buffer’s analytics show you the best times to tweet and share based on responses to your previous tweets. Choose one of these times to send it. Or you can create a new custom time to hit your audience before a specific event, like a webinar. This way you know it’s gone out in advance, you can mention it on your webinar, and you’ll know that people have seen it.

What are your reasons for using automation and tools? Would love to hear your thoughts pro or con. Leave me a comment and I promise to respond — no automation there!