Build stronger presentations, talk about client interaction

Building indicators has as much science behind it as making great peanut butter and jelly. Too much jelly, could damper the results as over takes the clients taste buds. Similarly client interaction requires a balance between its peanut butter and jelly or engagement and interaction.

Engagement: How a client can engage with a company, product or person. The given use for something.
Interaction: What the client actually does with a company,product or person. The action taken with something.

It´s all to often I run into the overwhelming menu bars filled with square and round icons like the ones pictured below. What they tell are the different engagement mediums the company, product or service are issuing. It´s not a site to shutter necessarily, unless its a presentation pitch.

In presentation pitches we look to identify factors that indicate the proposal is a great idea. We ask ourselves, Is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich delicious? We look to answer questions, in my case some of my favorites are:

  • Does the company or proposal engage with the clients in a new or highly effective way?
  • What evidence can they provide to their interaction levels?
  • What is the growth strategy to augment their client interaction?

However I´m often faced with more questions unanswered then any evidence or assurance. Assumptions are not evidence. Evidence are examples of results attained. Its how many people love those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Its how many people showed up to an event, how many purchases have been made. It´s where balance your assumptions with your evidence and show you have the skills to launch new strategies that defy it all.