My journey discovering black America. A work in progress. I will write and edit it on Medium.

1. I am black. I have brown skin kinky hair brown eyes wide nose and big lips.
2. My eyes are not green like hers. My skin is not light like hers. My hair is not that easy curly like hers. My eyes are not almond shaped like hers. My nose is not cute and slim like hers.
3. This is the 80’s, everyone wants to be light and bright. The jeri curl was in and my dark skin was out.
4. I loved being black because black is cool. Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Janet Jackson Martin Luther King Jr. Bill Cosby was black and I loves the Cosby Show. Jackee from 227 was so fine and black too.5. These are my earliest memories. My sister is lucky she is light skin. I am ugly, I think. I don’t like to look at myself.

6. I remember sitting on the living room floor watching Star Search, maybe if I could sing and dance everyone would like me too and I would be one of the pretty cool populars girls. The kind that boys like to chase around the playground and sneak to go play house with.

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