To my brother

To my brother

I don’t care what they called you when you were growing up

Idiot stonehead rockhead ignorant dummy nigger

I don’t care that they never believed in your dreams

I don’t care that you felt safer playing it dumb because that is what they expected of you

I don’t care that the only praise you received was for your good looks

I only care about the love that overwhelms your heart

The love and hope that pulls and picks you up day after day when the world expects you to stay down and out of sight

I only care about the tears and prayers I give for you because I have always believed in you from the moment I laid eyes on you

I love you, I love you and no matter what you face in this life, know that you are loved and that you are good for this world

You are strong, you are brave and you will find your way.

That is all that I care about.

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