I am loved

I am resilient
I am creative
I am loving
I am caring
I am funny
I am sexy
I am adventurous
I am intelligent
I am empathetic
I am a leader
I am successful
I am thoughtful

Just because someone fancied you does not mean that you are meant to share this life together.

Sometimes the life shared is only a moment or night.

The world is broad and vast and directed by your energy. Feel loved because you are loved. Know this and embrace and appreciate this.

If you and your love must part, know that there is someone who loves you even more out there. And you are being drawn together. The heart wants what it wants.

Change is good.

My journey discovering black America. A work in progress. I will write and edit it on Medium.

1. I am black. I have brown skin kinky hair brown eyes wide nose and big lips.
2. My eyes are not green like hers. My skin is not light like hers. My hair…

I am so in love with the idea of being in love with you. Holding hands, laying my head on your chest. Kissing your stomach. Listening to you ramble. Doing that weird thing you like where I squeeze your fingertips as hard as I can, so that it releases the…

You are black

You don’t have culture they told me

Why haven’t your people done anything they asked me

I knew they were wrong but I did not know how great the shoulders were that we stood upon

We excelled in science math space music sports business everything your mind…

To my brother

I don’t care what they called you when you were growing up

Idiot stonehead rockhead ignorant dummy nigger

I don’t care that they never believed in your dreams

I don’t care that you felt safer playing it dumb because that is what they expected of you


Stephany Lowe

Actress, writer, story teller, Mother, entrepreneur, science geek, dancer

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