It was already time for the Makerthon!

I didn’t feel ready going into the week. The prospect of completing a project from scratch in three days was daunting.

We split into teams on Tuesday after voting for our favourite projects (they all sounded awesome so it was a difficult choice!). I was placed on the board game team.

We had a lecture to introduce us to some tools that would assist us during the week; Kanban, scrums etc. Our first job was to create “the vision”, which we spent a fair bit of time on, but in hindsight was time extremely well spent. We initially thought we were all on the same page, but after five minutes of chatting about the project, it was clear that we weren’t. This preparation time was therefore critical to agreeing exactly what we wanted to build and nailing down our MVP.

Our board game involved rolling a dice, answering a coding question, and then our sprite moving along the board the appropriate number of spaces if the question was answered correctly. As the project was largely going to be client-side, we decided to write it in JavaScript.

We broke each part down into manageable pieces, split into sub-teams and divided up the work. Using Trello, we were able to monitor who was doing what so that work was not duplicated and there was an obvious next task to pick up when one was completed. I love Kanban :D

We had two scrums a day, one first thing in the morning and the other mid afternoon. We kept these super short and were able to express any concerns, successes, new features, and realistically what we could achieve in the remaining timeframe.

Overall, I was so pleased with where we got to. We had a fully functional MVP, with not too many disasters along the way.

I would say that Casper seems to come with a few limitations when it comes to testing JQuery and clickable events, ie it can’t seem to cope with multiple clicks and testing the outcome of that sequence. The test runs before the click events have occured and the test automatically fails. We tried making Casper slow down and wait, but with little success.

I seem to have been running around all over the place recently, so this Lifebox delivery was extremely welcome! It’s packed with portable little snacks that contain some wonderful ingredients, ranging from delicious dairy free chocolate, to energy boosting maca. These will hopefully help keep my energy levels up heading into the final projects.

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