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Growing through life, and as a person, I realised that I had lost, or actually never had any passion for work. Yet my professional life was such a great part of my life, I felt like I was missing something.

Seeking to understand, I reached out to others. Over many conversations, I realised that I was not alone. What I also found was that the advice people most often gave was to change career and follow my passion. On reflection, I realised I didn’t know that my passion was either.

So I started looking and fell short again. Yet through this journey I realised that, like many others I wanted to have a positive impact on the world. I didn’t know what that looked like either. Again speaking with others, I definitely wasn’t alone in that. …

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All around us, we see the same pattern emerging time and time again. Established organisations, especially in the service industry, are unable to keep up with their markets and customers. Working with those organisations, we noticed that their internal structures tend to be rigid, the employees are either uninterested or disengaged. As a result business is impacted. One visible consequence is that customer experience suffers.

Products-Services Vs. Experiences

If we look deeper into organisational structures, the CTO, or sometimes also called CIO, needs to be somebody who is technologically fluent. In a small organisation, this is the tech guy who hacked the alpha version of the product. A common misunderstanding is that the tech person within the startup business needs to have a C-level role. Within startups, they are the ones that love playing with code, being creative and exploring interesting ways of doing things. While they have a great impact on the finished product, their involvement with the strategic direction of the business is not mandatory. They do get recognition as founders yet their involvement is not needed because it is not necessarily their interest or skillset. It is also more beneficial for the business to let them do what they are great at. While it does diminish their direct influence, it frees the organisation to expand and grow. Within established companies, the CTO’s role is dedicated to evaluating and implementing the technologies required for the business to function. …


Steph Thommen

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