If the US President at his time were making policy similar to our President today, my uncle would’ve never been allowed in the US.
My Uncle: CEO of Intel, Time Person of the Year and an Immigrant
Ann Crady Weiss

Hungary was never a failed state like Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Libya or Yemen which could not tell who is a citizen and who is not.

No attacks on US armed forces, US diplomats or US citizens were launched from Hungarian soil like from Iran, Somalia, Yemen and Libya.

Neither did Hungary show up on lists of countries supporting terrorism against the US, like Iran, Syria, Libya or Sudan. All have been on such lists from Reagan to Bush sr to Clinton to Bush jr to Obama at more than one occasion!

When Hungarians, who had been sold to Stalin by Democratic Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, rose up to fight communism, they stood up for the best we know: Freedom.

If there is any similarity between back then and now, then the one that both uprises, the one in Hungary and the one in Syria did not get any military support from the US. Back then and under President Obama now, the lives of US soldiers and avoiding conflict with the Soviet Union/Russia mattered more than the freedom of others (that is why I as a German feel thankful that the lives of American sons and fathers were given for the freedom of my family).

But that hohlinvolvement by the US is the only similarity between Hungary 1956 and Syria. Further parallels between Hungary and failed or failing states with large numbers of Anti-American terrorists living and working and selling their propaganda there and who fall under a short moratorium signed by President Trump do not exist!

You know, 1956 was a very happy year. Terrorism was largely unknown. In 1956 global religious terrorism was nothing US citizens needed to be protected from. In 1956 terrorism was roughly a decade away. Palestinians had not yet hijacked and blow up aircraft and not yet taken Jewish athletes hostage in Munich.

If you compare 1956 Hungary to 2017 Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Sudan or Iraq then, in my eyes, you make only one point clear: The US educational system is in desperate need of a lot of improvement!

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