You didn’t answer any of his questions.
Catherine Omondi

If you believe that all I did was call him childish, then you obviously did not grasp my comment at all, not even the slightest little bit!

As for your question, why people should read my comment: People should do so because they freely decide to do so. Indeed I hope nobody among the over 100 readers of this comment of mine was forced to read it by third parties! I for sure did not force anybody to read my contribution. And with a 25 percent recommendation rate for this comment of mine (thank you to everybody who did do so), I believe that some people did gain something positive from my words for themselves.

Even you, who most likely did not recommend it, got something out of it: You saw an opportunity to write and aks me a question and expose yourself to some public light.

Oh, and I did not write a rant. Rants read much different! And I did answer all questions asked by the author. Just that I did chose a different angle of view to do so, one that does not allow for a simple Q&A scheme to occur, like one would find in thrid-class school room with kids asking and teachers answering!

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