In Support of Free Speech
Tobias Lütke

People exchanging goods and services within the frameworks of law — that is the driver of economic prosperity!

Think of tree huggers writing to newspapers to no longer run ads from car makers. Vegans will write the Wall Street Journal to ignore the meat industry and meat-lovers will write them to stop running ads for vegan steaks. Most interestingly the majority of protesters do not buy from those they ask to boycott a third party in the name of their personal opinion!

You and your company put shame on companies like Maritim Hotels in Germany which bent down to left protesters and will no longer host conventions and meetings of a democratic political party from the right, because left wing agitators from the streets, most of whom never stayed there or could afford to do so, got on their nerves.

Thank you for not putting your own convenience over the freedom to buy and sell what is legal to offer! The economy, democracy and morals, they all will profit from your decision!

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