Management and Organization at Medium
Andy Doyle

So you are getting into adolescence now. You move away from other people’s rules and structures, systems and orientations and start creating your own ones.

Most fascinating is that you get the same kind of bashing here for stepping off the Holocracy bandwagon as an established company twenty-five years ago got for switching to Matrix organisation or Lean Management. Seems to me that corporate organisation is still more of a religious kind of nature than simple adaption to necessities (especially when it comes to the people selling them).

Oh one suggestion I’d like to make in changing point No3:

Ownership naturally belongs to those who claim / ask for / demand / seek accountability for a matter!

Think of it. You will find that good leadership starts with the self-esteem and the undisputed willingness within a person to be fully accountable for what they seek to embark on!

Try handing out accountability to people, not jobs or tasks or ownership of something.

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