One always describes their hometown like you would your close family.
Alice Thwaite

Thank you for your comment. Given that Berlin is substantially smaller than London, yeah, our tiny airports, one is not even in Berlin, are easier to get to. But from London the world is yours pretty much non-stop to everywhere. In Berlin red and green politicians want to close airports and tell you to take the train LOL.

Tempelhof Airport, closed for no reasons (as in reasonable), allowed you to check-in, even with luggage, until 15 min. prior to departure. And you may be shocked to learn, that the Tegel Airport could be reached much easier, if the taxi-cab lobby would not have prevented finishing the underground train tunnels to the airport and opening the station below the terminal. If you ever go to TXL via U-Station Jungfernheide (U7) and spot the sealed off track: That is where your train for the airport could be leaving from for 30 years now!

P.S.: I definitely describe my family in much more loving ways, than my failing city of birth. Yet, do not doubt it: I am happy that you like it there :-)

P.P.S.: Maybe “Self-driving cars are not about mobility” is the kind of “outside echo-chamber stuff” you like?

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