The Great Betrayal
umair haque

The media showing some people who claim they are sorry they did #VoteLeave the inflexible, centralised bureaucracy of the EU whose members are partially culturally incompatible with the liberal traditions of the UK, does not mean they are real.

You look at one day of stock trades and declare economic dark ages. The lower the Pound, the better Britain can export within the Commonwealth or elsewhere. That creates jobs, saves them! Indeed the ECB will at one point be forced to buy the Pound Sterling to save Eurozone exports to the UK.

The British Pound by the way sold out in exchange booths in Singapore. People could not wait a second to buy the currency for their next UK vacation (now much cheaper) or get some money for their kids to study there. Doesn’t sound like the UK now being seen as the next Third Reich as you paint it with no respect to the democratic roots and traditions of the nation!

The future is agility, is small, flexible entities bound together by the virtual bond of culture, tradition and common experience.

You self-degrading posting thus may stem from your background as a migrant or of that of a son of migrated parents or grandparents. You just witnessed a free nation with liberal traditions take that liberal freedom to chose risk, danger, the unknown instead of bowing to Angst and opting for the status quo, a status quo so desirable that either you, your parents or grandparents chose to leave anything behind they had and knew and had grown up with, to live in that status quo, which was shining so brightly that the details about it looked irrelevant or could not be seen from the perspective of a person willing to migrate.

Apart from the fact that Britain even two days after the BREXIT vote is still a free country which you are free to leave at any time to live elsewhere in Europe, I can reassure you that neither the economy of the UK nor the liberal nation as a whole has come to an end yesterday!

You only witnessed a free European nation making a choice as large as you never seen it making one and it was not what you would have wanted to command people to vote for, if you would have had the power to command them or if all people would have listened just to you, not their own inner voices!

By the way, it is normal in a functioning democracy that people with no mandate change its course in history. Indeed of those who did launch the French Revolution non was in government and the same is true for the US Revolution. Heck, even Lenin and Mao were not in government when they began changing the course of history — with weapons force!

Just because you never seen sweeping, fundamental change happening in Europe it does not mean that it is not natural to occur! Indeed with all the wars we had we do not have a single nation which through the course of time has not declared war on one or most of the other ones!

And no, BREXIT does not mean Boris Johnson, or whoever will follow David Cameron as PM, will declare war on Ireland for politicians there suggesting reunification with Northern Ireland in face of their #VoteRemain nor on Spain for interpreting the #VoteRemain in Gibraltar as a singt the rock’s people now wishing to be governed by Spain!

It is only fundamental change to come within the next 24 months to which all can calmly and reasonably adjust and prepare for! That is much more time time than Britain and Churchill had when deciding to go to war against Germany, a decision so sweeping it cost them the British Empire!

If you are a liberal in the true British sense, then you should welcome the change, the unknown, the opportunities beyond the status quo as the new territories waiting to be explored and conquered!

As a socialist, like Mrs. Cox, you can whine, blame others, yell at them, insult them, load all your fears, anger and hatred upon those 51.89 percent who voted leave. You can even call for their detention in mass-camps for the mentally insane (something you kindly refrained from doing while exercising your right to free speech). But it is all about you!

It is not about them, not their willingness to accept all the danger-scenarios painted to them from inflation, to recession, to poverty, to job losses, to decline in the NHS, to lower national security. Indeed painting the picture of a century of darkness for the UK, was probably a factor in people voting to leave the EU, for a) it looked way beyond any reason what they were presented with (Kant) and b) in the wildest seas, in the wildest storms, in the day behind the darkest night European culture tells people, that there they will find themselves with the most of whom they can grow into being (Nietzsche).

Maybe, after all, you are not as much integrated into European and British culture as you though, for you missed to assimilate with some fundamental basics of what constitutes and came to sharpen Europe since Renaissance? If yes, then you should think again about Britain — even by a narrow margin — having made a choice on that very basis!

P.S.: Would #VoteRemain have put its own victory in question had they won based on under 75 percent voter turn-out or with less than a two-third majority?

EDIT: Please note my June 29th article about the BREXIT turning as ugly as a Hollywood divorce!

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