The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It
Jake Fuentes

What the Trump Administration does is called “Content Marketing”. Nothing more, nothing less. It produces tons of content to

  1. Keep their voters satisfied and loyal
  2. Win additional support of people based on single issues (59 percent support the 90 day moratorium on entrance of citizens from countries like Somalia and Yemen, which have failed at the hands of terrorists; 59 percent on +/- 3 percent sampling error is more than he got in votes)
  3. Keep his enemies on their feet, their minds busy and through their country-wide mass agitation his own base loyal and actively involved with consumption of his content or that Content of his presented through the filters of FOXNews.

You evidently fall into the third target group of Trump Content Marketing!

Even better: You produce content which can be used to support the Administration’s narrative of Clinton-supporters going mad and losing any sense while displaying a lack of faith and trust in the constitution and the free, democratic spirit that which has carried the United States of America to become the leader of a free world, which did not exist prior to its foundation!

Every line of your article spits into the face of the men and women of the United States who carry an unshakeable belief in freedom and democracy in their hearts! You spit into their faces, because you have no faith in them! Maybe as a Bernie Sanders socialist you would like to overthrow the constitution yourself?

Do you get the narrative of the storyline you create for others thus bonding them more?

From my point of view, your article is on the same intellectual level as one claiming that Donald Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin, whom he ows billions of Dollars invested by the Russian President’s loyalists into his real-estate empire!

I really hope you are not in a leadership position! Leadership — amongst many other things — requires faith in people and values that bond them. You have no faith in the American people, no faith in your constitution, no faith in what bonded the American people for over two centuries and carried them over the divisiveness of a Civil War!

Indeed you have replaced all that with faith in only those who think like you, act like you, talk like you, vote like you, probably #Standwithher like you do. To me it looks like beyond that, you are only capable of suspicion.

Now, from my point of view it is you, who has left the social context of American Society and who has developed a “I am better than the rest, my thoughts must rule this country” mentality. And you are desperate like a five-year-old who just failed to convince mom and dad to do as he wishes and who comes up with a long list of “proves” that mom and dad hate him (Trump-hating feminists and gender-lobbyists would bash me for writing: “while mom prepares the dinner and dad puts some cash aside for his college fees”, so I better leave that out).

The five-year-old grows into an adult by understanding that his point of view is not the only one, may be wrong and most of all that the more extreme his scenarios are, the more likely he is to be wrong (I am sure that you will agree with me at least in the point,that not all Mexicans are rapists).

I do understand that in a society hailing to disruption, overthrowing old business models and radically reshaping business processes and the way people and machines work, extremist scenarios without sufficient base, spring up easily! The tons of faltering start-ups underscore that such thoughts are mostly at fault! And the success-stories in no way mean, that society, that the United States of America as a whole can be shaken up in style of a hostile takeover by a few willing to do so with a load of uninformed FOXNews junkies hailing to them!

Face the fact that President Bernie Sanders would have been as much in need of Presidential Decrees as Donald Trump is now, or as Roosevelt was! Because their narrative, their storytelling requires/required them!

The full script of the Trump Administration’s Content Marketing by the way is based on the by-elections in two years time!

The President will have only one budget to be drawn up and passed by Congress before the hassle for campaigning starts all over. You will find a simple narrative of:”She/He has supported us and the people’s cause in Congress when it came to the budget and supports the change I am (and which I have proven to be, through my Executive Orders).”

Opposition to Donald Trump, who propelled the Republican Party to a two house majority will be limited to Senator McCain and those who need a “Maverick Status” to re-elected. But if the biggest Maverick, the most extreme disruptor of politics, government and society (the latter is what you tell) according to the storylines of both supporters and opponents sits in the White House, then how will opposition to him look like?

Only ten percent into the first 100 days of the Trump Administration and Clintonites and Sanders-Socialists are joined by the Koch-Brothers, the undisputed kings of established lobby structures in the GOP and the US-Congress as a whole, in Anti-Trump Marketing. It does not take much fantasy how successful pro-Trump content can be created from that, too!

Again: It is all Content Marketing you watch happening and to which you contribute to help President Trump get his message through!

And while the solution to ending Donald Trump’s Presidency in 2020 would be creating jobs in rural America, it would also be the fulfillment of his campaign promise. I guess by now even the most socially incompetent hater of Donald Trump will have to accept the superbly woven net of narratives, storylines and how even those supposed to weaken or hurt the President lead to actually strengthening him!

Remember: He was broke many times and still managed to keep supporters by his ride and to find new ones. Donald Trump is highly socially skilled, a great storyteller and producer of narratives. He is — so far — the best Content Marketing Manager in the age of Content Marketing out there. Nothing more, like you write, but surely nothing less!