The Best Commencement Addresses of All Time
Niv Dror

Why are they supposed to be “the best” commencement speeches of “all time”? Just because the people currently got “big” names or big bucks? What criteria was chosen, except “available on YouTube”? Not a single great speech prior to 2005? Are you kidding me? No little known individual with greatness at a lesser known school? Seriously?

No hunting here. Only well-marketed speeches by well marketed institutions manage it onto your list. Hunting is when you put in real effort to find the hidden gems!

Where is the respect for the individual chore struck by every speaker by putting at least one bullet point to each speech, explaining what supposedly sets it apart? Where the respect for the reader to take that additional minute of work beyond pasting links underneath each other? Right! It’s not there. I assume you hold the kindergarden-answer ready for me: Find out yourself, I won’t tell ya.

You provide great looking nontent here. Others may wish to spend their time watching them all. I’ll pass for no obvious reason is given to watch any of them. Plus, I would always disagree that I should listen to Sheryl Sandberg given past statements of her. For in the end the degree to greatness attributed to someone is an individual choice and only rarely history choses that title for someone REALLY meaningful.

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