Well, I am afraid I don’t agree.
Wibke Hott

You are only a citizen of a country if you hold its citizenship! Anything else makes you an inhabitant!

And even imigrants with formal citizenship usually fail to cherish and defend the cultural values of the country they felt to be better than the one they came from. Millions in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Italy or Germany live in parallel societies and even spread hate towards the society that they chose to live in because of their own inferior, low self-esteem. And this gets passed on through generations, now the thrid and fourth one!

You cite German history yet seem to fail in understanding my words about East Germany and the attitude you display towards free people with your words? Weird!

Probably your schooling was completely fixated to the years 1933 to 1945? If yes you should have understood that Britain has to learn its own lessons from history and WWII. There is no need and no right for Germans to declare that Britons must learn from German history on whatever topic. Distinct nations hold no parallels. That is why they are distinguishable!

Rather see that in the 1950s English landlords had signs in the windows of their rentals which said:

“No Blacks,

No Dogs,

No Irish”

(In that hierarchy)

See that Britain had ruled over the larger part of the world for several hundred years before entering WWII against Germany with the promise to free Poland. Poland as we know was handed to Stalin by the same Prime Minister who had promised to free it after millions had died on battlefields from the Nordic Cape to Northern Africa.

20 years after victory in WWII, the century old Empire was gone and the British economy trailed Germany so badly that one finally joined the European Economic Community (some “know” from BBC TV Series “Yes, Minister”, that they did it to continue the divide and conquer policy of the Empire;-) ) and only narrowly avoided a successful leave vote in the 1970s.

Britain made a free choice! They had the right to do it! To claim people were too stupid to make a good decision or too racist or too whatsoever like you do is pseudo-intellectual arrogance! It denies the equality of every thought, every vote and every reason behind it of every citizen as it is expressed in the term: “One man, one vote.” Your claims pushe society back to the era of the Roman Empire or Absolutism. Note though, that the latter period never really made it to Britain due to the Magna Carta.

As one nation in a forced centralised and outdated organisation (the EU is rooted in the ECC which itself roots in the attempt to control the heavy industy and crush workers unrests plotted by the Soviet Union in Western Europe post WWII) Britain has opted out of prison and into freedom! That is as liberal as it can get and would make Adam Smith proud.

Not that freedom does not come with its own limits and limitations. Freedom indeed brings much more hardships, challenges and failures with it than any caged existance. Britain is an island nation, nothing to compare with any Central European Nation. It is just not in their tradition, culture and value set to chose comfy island life over the dangers of life on the sea! That is one of the fundamental differences in mindest between Britain and the rest of EU countries.

As a foreigner in a foreign country you can rightfully do two things:

  1. Chose to become part of the destiny that shaped it by joining as a citizen or
  2. Leave it, if it just does not make you happy.

Complaining that a nation you inhabit but are not part of, did make a free decision you do not like, is like little kids complaining about parents taking a different route driving home. You try to command on things outside your control which usually means they are outside your comprehension.

Especially as a German you should probably shut up on lecturing or complaining about a free British choice! You would not be free, was it not for their dead sons and fathers!

I would have voiced no complaint and would have refrained from doing, so if Britain had voted to stay. And alike I would not have demanded more and more and more referendums to get the vote I would have liked to see! It is a question of democratic spirit, love of freedom and acceptance of the will of the majority of citizens I guess. In my eyes I got that and you don’t.

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