The Future of the Democratic Party
James Kwak

You may not have realized that the most important aspect is missing in your article: The People!

You write about party, politics and ideology and forget the one single duty of politicians in democracy: To serve The People and only The People!

And no, that does not equal serving any minority platform set up as a lobby tool within a party or addressing the issues of clusters of people identified by political researchers who also deliver the answer most people within and outside this cluster could agree with in order to maximise votes on election day.

Selling a “liberal” ideology to people in order to make them believe that you will not be as lousy as the other one, once in government (do not fool yourself here: The majority of people believes ALL politicians and parties suck!) is not the way you serve The People!

Even Prussian kings knew better how to serve their people, knowing that if they did not serve them well, then a revolution would push them out of office and at best into exile only. Nobody in a party or a think tank, a campaign organization, a PAC or SuperPAC has to fear exile or French-style beheading! Creating well-paid jobs for party-folks always happens so much faster and efficiently than for The People.

No, you claiming that with everything you wrote, you thought of The American People, is not enough!

Your thinking has to begin and end with the American people and that requires that your thoughts and what you write begins and ends with them. Your article is about what the Democratic Party should do and it contains all kinds of suggestions except one: You nowhere explicitly suggest to serve The People!

Now in case you wonder why an average German dares to lecture you about democracy and the duties of a political party so passionately, then please try to see the bigger picture: The US was is and remains the leading figure of the democratic West and a role-model!

US politics, party tactics and politician’s behavior sooner or later set the tone also in Europe. And you know what? I would not know of a single country in Western Europe where the people would like to live with politics, politicians and parties as devided as in the USA and much less with politicians and political advisors so out of touch with real life as those lobby-financed, political deal-makers who begin the discussion of an issue with their ideology and non-negotiable, “firm” believes and not The People!

Sad truth is that we already got too much of that here and it hurts society! You suggest more of the same, more division and more taking an ideological stand. That can only cause more decline in political culture, in democracy and voter turnout.

And no, just as much as the American people can not stand current politics anymore, in Europe (and here in Germany, where left wing ideologies, which you would call “liberal” I guess, have taken over completely) we do not need any more of this coming over from the US! The world needs a healthy US society. And that requires US politicians to serve The People — not politicians telling The People that their ideology is best for them!

You want a politically successful party? Serve The People, not party member egos or the agendas of lobbyists. It’s so easy!
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