The courage to do this.

I had my daughter at a very young age, with a clear conviction of what I wanted my life to be like as a mother, which was everything I didn’t experience in my own childhood. As a single mother I strive to be the best I can be for my daughter, all the while balancing a career, custody matters, my own desires as a woman, and fighting the social norms that dictate how I should be as a mother and as a woman like if both cannot live in the same person.

My experiences in each of these aspects are things I like to write about and share because like any experience, someone can either relate to or learn from them. I am stubborn, impatient, sometimes proud and unbelievably cynical, and my thought-to-mouth filter sometimes fails me, but I wake up every day with the best kind of motivation to be a better human being: my daughter.

I’ve never strived to live an average life. I struggle every day to reach a comfortableness in my own skin, to reach the kind of strength that will allow me to not feel that I have to apologize for anything or deny anything, to have the stomach to create my life as I so desire in the best interest to my daughter and I, and to also face the consequences of my actions with as much integrity and grace.

I hope that I can capture in writing all those experiences from which I take either positive or negative things from — -something I have always yearned to do, but never had the courage to. The vulnerability that comes from being an open book is not easy, yet it’s liberating. And to think that my own experiences can be relatable to someone else out there gives me a purpose.

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