“THE COMPLETE JOURNEY” (Critical reflection)

Undertaking the subject of ‘Architectural History and Theory: Orientations’ has been the first step in going fourth and undertaking my architecture future. The assessments given involved testing a variety of vast skills, everything from photography, film and drawing, to model making and sound. One common thing I have learnt from all these assessments is viewing architecture from different perspectives and learning how to manipulate and use all our all senses when designing instead of one narrow monoglossic attitude. Being a mix of both moderately simple, easy and difficult, these various degrees and different techniques approached tested both my knowledge and flexibility, trailing my creative ability to a certain extent and even pushing me out of my comfort zone. The physical component matched with the writing component of the assessment taught me about an all important link between theory and practise and how they depend on each other, achieving clarity and a better understanding. I felt as if enough time and resources were handed to us in order for a sound outcome to be achieved. If the opportunity to re-do all the assessments was given, I would definitely attempt a distinct approach to each assessment, whether it be investigating a different precedent, public space or even technique. However I am fairly content with the amount of work and dedication put into each task, as they’ve aided in the growth my journey and knowledge, certainly applicable to the future.