What Its Like to Get a Birth Chart Reading

Stephanie Huston
Oct 28, 2018 · 5 min read

I got my first birth chart reading done last month.

I wish I had done it sooner.

It confirmed and explained a lot of things in my life that I feel intuitively deep down.

I did a 1.5 hour intuitive birth chart reading with Rebecca Conran. I’ve worked with Rebecca for the past few years during my divorce recovery through intuitive tarot card readings, and have come to appreciate and trust her intuitive insights and guidance.

I was ready, curious, and excited to learn more about my unique astrological imprint with her.

This was my 32nd birthday gift to myself, and I’m so glad I had this experience.

My birthday is September 10th, so I know all about that Virgo life! But I was curious to see what other planet influences I had happening.

I believe in astrology and that the alignment of the planets in our universe have an effect on our physical and emotional energy here on planet Earth.

It’s something I feel strongly drawn to and am deeply curious about, so this felt like a good first step in figuring things out.

For the newbies like myself, this is an explanation of a birth chart reading from Rebecca Conran:

❤ Have you ever wondered WHY you have healing patterns that are hard to shake? In this phone session session we not only dive into your unique astrological imprint but how it relates to the purpose of healing in your life, and the unique gifts you have to share with the world.

❤ What astrological energies are leading your life? What energies do you feel most triggered by?

❤ This introductory reading into your chart energies can help you to understand your base motivations. We will focus on the expression of the planets in your chart and their house placement.

❤ Sessions include discussion, coaching and energy healing related to any current difficulties.

❤ MUST have Birth place, date and exact birth time for this reading.

Rebecca and I had a 1.5 hour phone call, and it covered every aspect of my life. So many things made sense and more things started to click.

When we first got on the call, Rebecca asked me if there were any topics or questions on my mind, and what I was currently dealing with at the moment. Then, she dove right in to reading and explaining my birth chart.

I feel like I always hear people say things like “well, my Venus is in Scorpio, so that makes a lot of sense…” — and I wanted to know that about myself too!

And I got to know all that and more. Rebecca emailed me the chart before our call, and guided me through the whole thing, sharing with me the characteristics, tendencies, and challenges of each planet location on my chart, and also sharing the ways that I can live my best enlightened life with how my life is shaped energetically by the planets.

These are just some of the things I gained insight on during my reading:

Overall Notes

  • Life Path 7 ~ “Always seeking answers to life’s big (and small) questions. You live mostly in your head and tend to over-intellectualize everything.”
  • Introvert / deeply introspective / doing a lot of inner work
  • Maverick of healing
  • Leadership energy / can get shit started
  • Thoughts create reality / experience connection / just be yourself
  • Hard to stick to one thing / developing consistency
  • Put yourself first / get grounded / you help the world by helping yourself

Chiron in Gemini

  • Natural teachers and communicators
  • The wounded healer / light worker
  • Anxiety about being judged / difficult to share
  • Constantly redefining values
  • Let nature take over, need to balance the nervous system

Venus and Pluto in Scorpio

  • All about that self worth
  • Need to face my own feelings / clear space and feel what I feel
  • Venus returns happening soon ~ brace yourself
  • Tap into my intuition / daily journaling helps
  • Venus in Scorpio ~ passionate relationships / go deep with people / help each other wake up / some things need to end after lessons are learned
  • Share the secrets / bring to surface / transforming won’t actually kill you ;)

Moon, Saturn, and Uranus in Sagittarius

  • Watch for people please / it’s OK for other’s to be unhappy
  • Emotionally pushed to limits / it’s OK to feel sad or upset / cycle of life
  • Never not going to need adventure — it feeds me
  • Rebellious / need for freedom / cultivates creativity
  • Urge for freedom / here to forge my own way / see truth from a high perspective

Mars in Capricorn

  • Hard worker
  • Build spiritual into reality
  • Let things happen naturally / difference between pushing it out and letting it flow / just have fun
  • Sense of adventure / have the balls to dream it and to actually build it
  • So single minded / it’s not you versus the world :)

I have SO MUCH to learn about astrology, and this birth chart reading has served to wet my appetite even more for it.

If you’re looking for direction and understanding in your life, I’d highly recommend getting a birth chart reading by someone you trust.

I can’t wait to learn more — I’d love to hear your thoughts below on your experiences with birth chart readings or astrology. If you have any resources that you’ve found helpful, please do share!

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