Why You Should Stop Reading Self-Help Books

This isn’t a list of to-do’s for how to improve your life.

After scouring copious books, multifarious podcasts, and speaking with countless individuals I found one common iteration. Those that I admire most, in business and in life, those that have figured it out — have implemented those life hacks but thrive in each moment with anticipatory joy, they all elucidate the same single notion.

Live for others, not for yourself.

Self-help has it’s place. But it requires action with reckless abandon. The only way is through. Talking about your shit. Sitting with yourself in silence and meditation and noting what springs forth. Moving through issues with trained professionals. Writing. Sharing. Listening. Understanding. Then knowing when to shift that inner gaze into an outward action. Taking that newly opened heart and using it for compassion and connection with those around you.

Using your drive, your passion, your hard work, your brilliant mind, for the service of others.

No matter what you do or who you are you have opportunities. A lasting gaze at the grocer, letting him know he’s been seen. A smile at the barista, letter her know you’re thankful. An extra minute, or two, with your client. Letting them know they’ve been heard.

The paradox truly is what my mentors and the wise and successful of this world say that it is.

Your joy lies in your service to others.

Create heart space to provide.

Then execute.

And that’s really it.


And sweet.