Being tired isn’t a badge of honor
Jason Fried

What I hear since a while is worse : “it’s great to feel burn-outed sometimes”. No no no, how is it possible to say such a stupid thing ? Burn-out is a severe disease that can lead to suicide. And even if it doesn’t, it still takes many years to recover. People who think this way definitively don’t know what is a burn-out. I unfortunately know…

And I totally agree also with you when you talk about habits. My habit has always been “working under positive pressure”. When it was too quiet, I quickly get bored. I needed this pressure, to manage the hardest case, etc. Today, I have to fight against myself as I can’t work this way anymore. My body can’t accept this pressure anymore. I perfectly know it, but I still struggle against this bad habit.

So no, being tired, feeling “burn-outed” and “pressure habits” are not good !