Smart Design: Sephora Virtual Artist

I wish I could try on every lipstick in Sephora store, but it takes effort to go to the store and it’s always over crowded. Now with the new function on Sephora’s website, I can do so instantly and effortlessly. The experience of buying lipstick has become more fun and convenient.

The new function lets me upload photo or through the camera on the phone to determine the location and size of my lips. From there, I can swipe through lip colors divided into different categories like brand, format, and shade family. Then it overlays the chosen color on the lips, essentially acting as a mirror. It also lets me compare four different shades at once. And by clicking on the selected product, it takes me to the product page with more detailed infomation, and from there I can easily check out and finish the transition.

This new interactive function has obvious logical path and easy to follow. Toolbar options are clear and allow users make connections without further explanation needed. It solves the cutomer’s pain point of having to physically be in the store to try and search for the right shade of lipstick. It helps customer to shop better and easier.

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