Classroom Session #1
Etiquette Lesson #4277: How to curtsy and throw daggers at the same time.

Good day everyone and welcome to our new aged society, one built out of the debris of slight mental endeavors and the ideals of indulgence from mindless self gratification before common courtesy. It is true that our own humankind has made bounds and leaps towards progression; however, there has also been such an advancement that fundamentals are almost seeming to be forgotten. As we progress in an array of subjects, mainly through our breakthroughs in technology, we as people tend to forget the most basic common knowledge, etiquette. A discipline that states that one should be thoughtful of the actions that they are conjuring before they enact them upon another human being.

Thus all of this being stated, how does one present themselves with etiquette? Is this process easily learned and achieved? How does etiquette affect our lives and how in the heavens could we curtsy and throw daggers at the same time?

Etiquette is learned through the practice of diligence, the perception of one’s own body language and through thoughtful mental considerations. It can take time to build up etiquette and to learn the proper ways to treat every person that you have the pleasure in interacting with. To present yourself with etiquette should be a genuine interaction and meant in the most sincere fashion. Not doing so is a lie and unfair to whom in which you are interacting with, to truly respect others is to first respect yourself and to honor the code of promoting true happiness. This discipline affects our relations with ourselves, through the relations that we have with others.

As for the technique to curtsy and throw daggers is one almost as rudimentary as breathing. In making the first movements, an individual bends their knees to curtsy. This shows respect for themselves and for the person that they are interacting with. Then as they pull the dagger from their back pocket, they are also unleashing their truest intention and the confidence that follows such a feat. Finally, as the dagger goes soaring through the air and then into the very being of the chosen recipient, the thoughtful and precise action of such is bound to charm and impress. (Or brutally wound, either way is acceptable to whichever way you interpreted that particular example.) Such practice of etiquette is quite simple, but yet requires a lot of effort and concentration none the less being the same as throwing daggers when curtsying.

It is imperative that we do learn this proper technique of throwing daggers and performing a rather fine damned curtsy. The thought that goes into this proverbial curtsy prevents us from being egocentric animals who feed on our ID. Now egocentric trait is not a negative one as to respect your wants and wishes is one of the best courtesies to yourself and others. (It simply is not polite to subject another person to an individual whom does not respect themselves.) However, petty issues arise and insight some of the most preventable travesties that we could ever insight. Religious wars, road rage, abuse, and unsightly soiled dinner napkins can come from this abuse of anger and the inability to control our own negative emotions.

In conclusion to today’s etiquette lesson, to prevent the horrid occurrences of texting constantly whilst on a date or global genocide is quite simple. To first and foremost love yourself, is the basis of etiquette. To polish that art of etiquette is to fashion self love into a thin blade and project that blade to everyone that you meet whilst maintaining a sense of poise and dignity. In which is how you curtsy whilst throwing daggers at the same time.

Thank you all very much for reading my lesson for the week, I appreciate you all dearly and hope to hear from you very soon.

Sincerely yours from the Menagerie,
Madame Mularz
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